About Us

Swinging Ring Tractor Service and Construction is based out of Chickasha, OK and serves the surrounding area. We are a full-service land clearing, excavation, site preparation, erosion control, and agriculture services company. Our roots go back before Oklahoma statehood. We have been providing tractor and machine hire services since mechanical harvesting, plowing, and construction made the transition from mule teams to machinery.

Garland Terry - owner of Swinging Ring Tractor Service and Construction - has been driving tractors since he was 6. He is a 7th generation Oklahoman. As a farmer, rancher, and business owner in Chickasha, he is continuing the family tradition of providing excellent products and services that have been the hallmark of the family business for going on 150 years. Around a decade ago, we made the jump and added construction services to our lineup with the addition of a small bulldozer.

Our business name, Swinging Ring Tractor Service and Construction is homage to the family ranch and brand. The Swinging Ring Ranch was founded in 1875 by Garland's great grandfather, a local Chickasaw. The ranch was located on the western frontier of the Chickasaw nation on the Chisholm trail. His spread was a popular stopover for cattle drives because of its lush grass and access to one of the only rock bottom crossings on the Washita river. In those days, the ranch sold top notch horses and teams to the crews pushing cattle on to Kansas. The "swinging ring" is a vital component in a wagon and team harness. It is the piece that holds to horses to the wagon tongue. Our business name is a tribute to the family ranch.

Swinging Ring Tractor Service and Construction differs from other companies in our industry because we are so diversified in our scope of work. No job is too big or small. If you need a patch of trees cleared for a home or a multi acre lot for your business we can provide the equipment and expertise to do the job. We utilize state of the art RTK/GPS technology to give the utmost accuracy in slope and fall for your project, farm field, or commercial needs. With our small fleet of trucks we can provide material hauling and finishing products.

Give us a call today to get started on your project! In most cases we can start your project in a two-week time frame. Looking it over and estimates are always free, unless outside engineering or drafting services are required. We look forward to working with you!